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Vinyl Banners - Fast, Efficient, Vibrant

Our most popular sign product is the vinyl banner. All types of businesses want them, ranging from restaurants advertising happy hour, to factories needing employees.

Vinyl banners are quick to produce, they are portable, inexpensive and they can handle vibrant graphics and color. Unlike a wall-mounted sign, a vinyl banner can be taken down or put up quickly. When you are at full staff, the banner can be removed easily. They don’t take up much space to store and can be reinstalled easily.

This may be the best trait of vinyl banners: They can be made to just about any size from 2 feet by 2 feet to 5 feet by 20 feet.

We are seeing a lot of vinyl banner activity this spring because of changes in business. COVID-19 restrictions are easing and companies are promoting specials and seeking new hires. Vinyl banners are great at advertising both.

Here are some tips on getting the most out of your vinyl banners:

Make sure it is the right size. A small banner can look lost and lonely. A big one won’t hang properly. Get out your measuring tape before ordering. Don’t eyeball it.

Make sure you specify grommets with your order. Grommets are the reinforced metal rings on ends of a banner. Larger banners have grommets every two feet.

Vinyl banners are best used outdoors. Banners can be used indoors but do not look great. There are better signage options indoors.

Use color to attract attention but don’t make the banner too busy. Remember it’s a sign, not an art project.

Keep your banner clean. Banners can be become dusty and can collect grime. But they respond well to traditional cleaners and even soap and water.

Texas Printers offers vinyl banners at great rates shipped right to you. If you don’t see the size you need, contact us. We can produce just about any size vinyl banner.

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