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All The Things You Can Do With A Postcard

Postcards have a lot of uses and that’s why they have been around since the 19th century. We think of postcards as a mailer, and they are excellent for that, but postcards can be used for much more. Let’s look at all the uses.


This is the postcard’s strength because the Postal Service gives you a price break on mailing them. At the time of this writing, a postcard can be mailed by stamp for 36 cents. This compares to 55 cents for a letter.

If you are mailing over 500 cards and qualify for machinable rates, the cost per piece is in the 27-cent range, which still represents a great value. Most postcards are 4”x6” and that is still enough real estate to reach out with a compelling marketing message.

Before you look at less targeted mail options like EDDM, look at what kind of mail list you can come up with and see if it makes sense to try a postcard.

As A Flyer

A 4x6 postcard is quite a bit smaller than an 8.5x11 flyer but it holds some advantages over a flyer and one of those advantage is size.

People sometimes are more apt to pick up smaller pieces of marketing material. A flyer is bigger and to be fit into a pocket or purse it must be folded. Postcards can be easily slipped into a purse and will go into most back pockets.

Postcards are more durable than flyers because they are printed on heavier paper.

As A Door Hanger

A postcard can act as a cheap door hanger. It can be fit between a doorjamb and a door. A small piece of tape allows it to stick to a door.

If you have extra postcards left over from another campaign, you might consider hanging a few on doors in your market. Front door advertising is hard to miss.

As A Leave Behind

Postcards are much more robust than a business card as a leave behind. They can be left after a service job is completed in a home to promote future sales or referrals. They can be given to a prospect during a sales call.

Texas Printers offers a variety of services related to postcards such as design, printing and mailing. We can get this economical and effective form of marketing working for you.

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